Life STRess

Yeah.life is so much tiring from the beginning of my final exam till now. My hair had growth longer and can tie it up so you may saw tie my hair most of the time..terrible weather in kedah.ya.my hometown  while during the sembreak :( and pimples rent my face as their new home ! Wtf! Thats not this time , cny is coming soon T_T allow me to putting more bb cream on it to cover the pimples scar although thats not a good way for it.

Well, what to blog here :) Life facing lot problems , i have no idea on it and trying ti escape from here...I just dunno how to describe the situation now but one word to say is horrible.Try to save this kind situation because thats a unexpected problems ,i wish to give all of you a reply and an answer but I try my best to give the solution and it make me suffer right now..ya..close phone..email the company..rush the stock...post laju call...its all like cracking my brain. All right, be positive, ll past..be tough..only things can comfort myself about five min.

Be continued...if thats no end of my annoy diary..

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