My collage semester break is ongoing but I’m now attending the 8days Google Academy course. It’s held in our collage and we are the first batch student for this course among most of the collages. Anyway, it is quite interesting for those people who not yet for Google plus and Google drive. I was owned a Google Plus account since last year but it was not active in Asia (because people are more in Facebook in their daily life). All of us require to sign up a Google account (I believe that most of the people are using both hotmail and Gmail) for the purpose of other application. So, the first and second days we learned how to use Google Plus and found out the special function on it. Ya, I have to admit that it quite bored for me since I use it since last year and I just active on it before attend this class~ hmmmmm~
Next day, we learned how to use Google drive. This is similar like what we use in Microsoft Office, but its look simpler and user friendly. I like the way of its Form, this look so easy to like and collect data and automatically transfer to spreadsheet (similar with Microsoft Excel). I LIKE THIS SO MUCH! For business purpose, people can create a form for customer and collect their data easily compare with other application.
What I love the most is how to function Google site and a business website myself and simple to use. I have to say that is so much fantastic! I can own a website myself without spending any money but only in Google site. For more information can view on sites.google.com. And there is YouTube video to teach how to function it; this showed Google had did a lot effort on all aspect not only for their search engine.  The most attract me is GXOB. Google is partnering with companies around the world to help get local businesses online. When you sign up with Google and a local partner, you’ll get:
     A free site that you build using templates. With GXBO, you don’t have as many features or control over the look and feel of your site as you do with Google Sites.

     A unique domain name.

     An email address that uses your domain name.

     Free domain hosting for one year.

Compare with Google site have some different on their cost. For GXOB have to pay RM32 yearly for the domain name but there are free in Google site. ( But I more prefer in GXOB because there is the shopping cart for customer pick their items and make order. Besides that, the website also provides SMS/email to customer once they make payment to alert them what to do next/ give customer a conformation) So, I strong recommended people may try this for the simple online business.

Awh, allow me that I’m like a Google promoter to introduce this for all of you. But the class in from 9am to 5pm, tiring me ~ TT ~

Good night all of babies and dude, thanks for reading here and sorry for my poor English writing.  

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